"One screening of this film and you will probably be infuriated, enraged, that you haven’t heard of it before. It is mesmerizing, heartbreaking, resonating, powerful. It is so many things that describing it here will never do the film justice. It won’t fill you back up with the ounces of tears streaming down your face, and this review will never stand next to you at work while you tell that girl in marketing about the transcendent film you caught the night before."

A Finished Life: The Goodbye and No Regrets Tour
"This documentary opens with two small children, one of whom explains that Uncle Gregg is going on a cross-country trip “because he’s going to die from AIDS” and wants to say goodbye to all his friends and family. After watching his partner, Jeff, die of the same disease, Gregg comes to the conclusion that he doesn’t want to “waste away,” so when his doctors want to switch his medications, Gregg decides to stop taking them and let nature take its course, saying he will end his own life when physical and emotional suffering become too much to bear. Despite the terminal nature of Gregg’s illness and the audience’s knowledge from the outset that this movie will not have a Hollywood-happy ending, A Finished Life is one of the most positive, life-affirming films out there."

Listen to Gregg's interview with Weekend America host Barbara Bogaev as they discussed his journey and spoke to a few of his friends along the way.


Original Broadcast Date: March 11, 2006

Read an article written about Gregg by journalist Laura Mecoy in The Sacramento Bee, originally published January 25, 2006.


Listen to Weekend America's tribute to Gregg which aired on on May 13, 2006. (scroll down to hour two)


A FINISHED LIFE the feature-length documentary by Greenie Films. How would you say goodbye?
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