Produced & Directed by
Barbara Green & Michelle Boyaner

Editor & Cinematographer
Barbara Green

Story Editor
Michelle Boyaner

Additional Camera
Gregg Gour
Don Danneman
Michelle Boyaner

Original Score
Meghan Toohey

Sound Designer/Re-Recording Mixer
Michelle Garuik
Grind Music + Sound, Inc.

Music Supervisors
Michelle Boyaner
Barbara Green

Music Rights Clearance Consultant
Kevin Dowling

"Laugh So You Don't Cry"
Written & Performed by Andy Davis

"After All"
Written & Performed by Jonathan Clay
Under License from Jonathan Clay Music

Audio Post Sound Services Provided by
Grind Music & Sound Inc.

Archival photos and footage courtesy of
Sue Covington
Debbie Danneman
Gregg Gour
Cori Huston
Bonnie Paster
Tammy Price
Nichole Redstone

San Francisco stills courtesy of Daniel Nicoletta

Gregg & Cody Illustration courtesy of Melody Shickley

Fiscal Sponsorship Provided by
The International Documentary Association

The Filmmakers would like to thank the following people for their
generous donations:

Jane Anderson & Tess Ayers
Hillary Carlip & Maxine Lapiduss
Jeff & Sheila Chianakas
Don & Debbie Danneman
Reed Davis
John Garcia
Jack & Gilda Green
Joyce Green & Chris Petrus
The Gypsey Players
Barbara Jo Kirshbaum
Robert Korenberg, M.D.
Tracy Lamonica
Timothy McGaughey
John Parro
Bonnie Paster
Tammy & Jim Price
Paul Putrino
Orly Ravid
Peter Reynolds
Nancy Seger
Richard Smith
Barry Wright

The Filmmakers would also like to thank:

Jen Baers / Studio 10 Design
Holly Bestry
John Biondolillio / ATO Records
Kyle Bishop
Barbara Bogaev / Weekend America
Morris Boyaner
Beth Brown
Christina Brown
Johann Butka
Becky Carter
Krissy Clark / Weekend America
Russel Clay
Casey Davis
Jim & Diane Davis
Thomas Di Mascio
Annie Dowdle
Marcia Ellison
Kevin Enright & Dennis O'Connor
Karen Falstrup
Jane Ford
Terri Garber
John Garcia
Brent Green
Patty Griffin
Amy Halpin / IDA
The Crew at "Hanks"
LeAnn, Parker and Trevor Harris
Colin Hay
Lyndsey Hoag & Chris Cumello
Kathy Hughes
Robert Kelley / Universal Music Enterprises
Maritza Marticorena
Lynn Mastandrea
Mighty Movers
Diane Perla
Kay Ponder
The Putrino Family
Nichole & Michael Redstone
Steve Scott / Wixen Music Publishing
Melody Shickley
Del Slowik
Richard Smith
Janet Tangirala & Family
Elizabeth Torres
Kathi Whitley / Vector Management
Kevin Wong / Universal Music Publishing Group
Gerry Vohs
Brenda Wedemeyer

Very Special Thanks:

Kathleen Beaton
Hillary Carlip
Katie Ford
Joyce Green
Julie Hale
Kim Hall
Rogers Hartmann
Barbara Held
Maxine "Team Leader" Lapiduss
Jackie Marchand
Cynthia Moore
Orly Ravid
Julia Salazar
Tracey "Tiki" Stern

Our heartfelt gratitude to Gregg's Family for their kindness during
this very intimate time in their lives.

And to Gregg Gour for sharing his journey with us


A FINISHED LIFE the feature-length documentary by Greenie Films. How would you say goodbye?
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